Monday, January 24, 2011

Previews and Spoilers!

Ratava possessing multiple Eternity Gems?

Several Greek deities from Earth each have one?!

Who's the mystery man holding three of them, and what warped things is he doing with them?

First, let's go into Ratava and the war with his brothers...

In the introduction blurb, I said that Ezra turned traitor against Eternia and hated his brothers, Dominic and Ratava. This is true.

In the first issue, I said that their rivalry to please the king culminated in Ratava and Dominic declaring war on Ezra, forcing the king to exile Ezra, and Ezra ran off to Incor. He, and Incor, wanted to defeat "the power-hungry Ratava and the mana-deranged Dominic" (yes, Ezra wants both of them dead).

In issue four, we learned Dominic discovered Ratava was up to no good. Dominic went to Ezra and was ignored, so he went to the King. Ezra discovered the Ratava was up to no good, but by then, Dominic was already exiled. Before the king could exile Ezra, Ezra defected to Incor, taking the proof with him. Dominic was all pissed off at Ezra, which is why he remained an Outlander.

So in short... Dominic discovered Ratava was making the gauntlets and gathering the gems, and went to Rabin. Rabin exiled Dominic (because Ratava was working for Rabin and Outlanders are less believed and trusted than citizens) and Ezra discovered why, so left, although Rabin "exiled" Ezra.

Ezra declared war on Dominic for not joining Ezra and Ratava for being batshit insane.
Dominic declared war on Ezra for not believing him and Ratava for being batshit insane.
Ratava declared war on Ezra AND Dominic because... Ratava's batshit insane.

Don't forget, of course, Rabin, who's all about destroying Incor, Ezra and Dominic and taking over the world. Naturally, he doesn't seem so insane in the public eye, but the cast will slowly figure that out...

But yes, Ratava does have several of the gems! That was almost assured us. Yes, four people, seemingly Greek GODS from EARTH of all places, will each have a gem. There's a single individual who DOES have three of them...

Shall we do some math?

Four Greek GODS each have one. One mystery man has three of them. Three plus four is seven, which leaves Ratava holding three... if all the guesses and estimations are correct...

Now, what's the mystery man doing with them? Building his perfect world, of course. The problem is, he doesn't have all the gems, so he's doing what he can with he can, which means there's going to be some laws of physics being broken...

More coming soon!

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