Friday, February 25, 2011

A Taste Of Things To Come

Okay, no really. There's no spoilers here, really, just a big ol' blog post about what's going on.

Unda Vosari: Chronicles is still going. I've got about 20 issues done, over half of which are up. I'm putting them up in arcs, more than individual stories, so each update is a full arc of at least two or three stories. Each part in the arc is a minimum of 1,000 words, and I do a full arc every two to three weeks. The only reason they're not all put up as soon as I do them is the urge to stay "ahead of the game" - if I get a bout of writer's block, I'm able to put up an arc or two and give myself a few extra weeks to get some more stories churning.

I gotta give a shout-out to Robby, who played Nordray back on Venomheart. He's actually downloaded Audacity and tried reading the story and making a recording of it. I'm hoping I can talk him into making a recording for the visually-impaired (which means you, Lacey)...

I'm also still working on digging through the TV Tropes website, looking for more tropes I may have (or have intentionally) used in both Unda Vosari: Legends (which is still on sale - email me if you want a copy) and Unda Vosari: Chronicles (which is free to read and online right here). Want a link to the TV Tropes Unda Vosari article? Here ya' go.

If anyone wants something specific added to the wiki, like character bios, more background or more stories, send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do to get it included!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A few ideas I'm running with.

"I've been with you the whole time."

I love retcons that aren't really retcons, they're just unexplored avenues of the past that weren't revealed until a certain point in the story.

I'm gonna drag Michael away and send him on a little side story (since I never really wanted him to be with the group in the capacity that he is now, which is to say "the bitch"). He's going to meet (or rather, he's met, as far as I've written) a character who's not quite omnipotent, but he's powerful enough that nobody's going to fuck with him. During this little "side-quest" he's going on, Michael will have the chance to impact some of the events of Solrac, the Eternal Fair and the childhood of Lorimarko and Coulton.

What's he going to do? He's going to see the past (and have influence over minor details) of Solrac, the Villa, the Eternal Fair and the Sands (see the Origins story for more details). Alucard and Murai, meanwhile, will continue on with the set plan that Lorimarko originally wanted (that Alucard sort of agreed with). What's this mean for ol' Michael? Means he'll know about the struggles that the other heroes have gone through up to this point, and explain in more detail the past of Lorimarko, Coulton and Alucard.

As usual, the story (always in progress) can be found at the Unda Vosari wiki in the Chronicles section!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Unda Vosari: Chronicles status!

To let everyone know, I've actually finished the first ten issues (and yes, each one is a minimum of 1000 words). For those keeping track, that means I've finished 5 issues more than I've put on the wiki. Issues 11-14 are already planned and, yes, I've finished the plot and just have to write it out in story form.

Issues 6 through 8, 9 through 11 and 12 through 14 all run concurrently.

Issues 6 through 8 (known as Raising The Stakes) deal with Lorimarko and Genaya retrieving the gems from Ratava. Issues 9 through 11 (collectively called Gauntlets of Eternity) deal with Coulton and Natalia retrieving the original gauntlets Ratava couldn't find. Issues 12 through 14 (refered to as Fall From Grace) deal with Alucard, Murai and Michael gathering the artifacts - a shield, enchanted armor and a whip - and discovering exactly who the ancient evil Alucard must face actually is.

Issue 15 actually kicks up the intensity and danger that the group faces, as the war between Eternity and Incor both take a very nasty turn... It's the beginning of the Unbreakable story arc...

Still without access to my hard drives, Unda Vosari: Dark Corner is on hold, as is Unda Vosari: Confrontations.