Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interesting Updates! Spoilers! Whee!

So, having obviously been getting some issues out, people may be wondering what's in store for our heroes...

Alucard and Murai have uncovered a cult with dark intentions and a very deadly goal... However, that's about to be second to the all-out war that Tir Na Eternity and Tir Na Incorrigible are going to wage on each other! Why would that happen? Because of our feared and fearless heroes!

Of course, that's also not even mentioning the destruction of the capital of Tir Na Incorrigible!

What does all this mean for our heroes? The middle ground they once enjoyed has just been destroyed, leaving them free-falling into a new world where they have no allies. On top of that, a very powerful enemy is about to surface, and a very large battle is looming on the horizon. By the end of it all, not all of our heroes will be around...

"When the dust clears, who will survive the Reckoning?"

Stay tuned!