Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to work, slacker!

I've been uninspired.

It isn't that I've been uninspired, it's that the right kind of inspiration hasn't hit me. I've got a bunch of projects I COULD be working on but the things I need in order to actually write them are elusive.

See, Unda Vosari was a great big game and while I've taken that ball and ran with it, what I'm lacking is the inspiration I had while writing the game (and then playing in it). The same is true with Venomheart. I like feedback. I like people asking me what's going to happen. I like people asking me about the setting. If I could answer four or five questions a day about Unda Vosari as a whole, I would get an absurdly large amount of work done a day.

As it is, sitting here by myself with nothing but some music and some Word documents open is not good for creativity.

However, like a good little soldier, I've been writing. In fact, in the two years since my last update, despite not having finished anything (except the first third of Unda Vosari: Confrontations and about 60,000 words in Unda Vosari: Chronicles), I have been busy. I've began writing again and looking for inspiration elsewhere, as well.

The thing is, ultimately, I know what I need in order to get the creativity flowing and that's for enough people to give a shit about what I've written (and am writing, and want to write, and what I haven't written but still related to Unda Vosari) to want to ask questions. Give feedback. Find out what's going on and not just assume I'm sitting behind a monitor somewhere typing away and banging out the next two novels.

Also worth noting that I've abandoned Dark Corners and have released it for free... That's on the Unda Vosari website now, and although it isn't finished (because the stories themselves aren't finished), it does shed some light on what's going on post Unda Vosari: Legends but pre Unda Vosari: Confrontations.

That said, I'm getting back to work. I'm forcing myself to do it, but if anyone's out there (is anyone out there?), I wouldn't mind some feedback and questions to help me focus more on the world as a whole and not "ugh, I gotta write another boring paragraph about something that isn't important to me right now."

I want to be able to explore the world and think about things I haven't thought about, but someone's gotta prod me to do it.

Meanwhile, I've opened up a Cafe Press shop for Unda Vosari. Help me make some money, folks.