Monday, January 10, 2011

Delayed release of Dark Corners. :(

Totally forgot one character (who played only a semi-important role in the first novel, which is subsequently why I completely forgot he existed)...

Linden's got a story done. However, Janimba completely escaped my mind because his role in the first novel was small. His story in the SECOND novel, however, is much bigger - I just forgot to add the segue story in Dark Corners for him... It'll be a bit longer before Dark Corners goes to print... Sorry, folks!

In other news, I do plan on coming up with a list of songs (some of which may be remixes I've done) for an unofficial soundtrack of both the original Unda Vosari game, the Dark Corners novel and the unreleased Confrontations novel (that'd be the second novel). Check it out on the wiki!

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