Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book Plans!

As you may all know, Unda Vosari: Legends has been released. That's old news. Older news is, I originally intended to have a minimum of fifteen or so books.

That's changed, as my last post has declared. I fully intend on scrapping three books entirely and turning them into ONE book with THREE parts, known tentatively as Unda Vosari: Confrontations.

Mind you, the stories themselves haven't changed - just the names. The second story (known formerly as Unda Vosari: Travels) is being renamed to Unda Vosari: Crossings, and will be the first story in Confrontations. The second story will remain Campaigns, and will deal with the fallout of events involving Dagriz. Finally, Unda Vosari: Crusades will still deal with Veln and the Holy Lands, as well as fallout from THOSE events.

The third book (Unda Vosari: Cataclysm) will tie up the loose ends of all those stories, as well as the (still upcoming) Unda Vosari: Dark Corners book, which is a series of short stories that tie into Legends, Confrontations and Cataclysm. Cataclysm is going to be followed up by Unda Vosari: Blood Ties, which explores the relationship between Vincent, his family, the Baron, Dagriz and the crew that's followed Vincent around the world.

The Origins stories are to follow, of course, as well as the "Tales Of..." series.

More news to come!

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